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Hi,We have a 3750X stack of two switches running software 12.2(58)SE2 which has crashed after logging memory allocation errors.  We have this software deployed on numerous other stacks but they are Layer 2 only.  This particular stack is in a develop...

Hi Guys,Good day! Anybody here who has 1861 model C1861-SRST-F/K9?I think the device has only one slot 1 HWIC slot for WAN. As per Cisco's documentation slot doesn't support fxo.http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/routers/ps5853/ps8321/prod_qa...

I learned that 7609-S can not VSS, Can someone please help explaining why this feature is not there? I know 6509s with Sup720 has this feature, but why not 7609-S.Thanks in Advance,A                 

Hi All,  Have a Nexus 5548 (running 6.0.2.N1 OS) connected to a FEX 2248PQ via a QSFP+ to 4SFP+ breakout cable.  All is linked up and operating fine.  The 4 QSFP+ ports on the FEX switch don't seem to have an interface# associated to them.  Therefore...

beddo by Level 1
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I am not familiar with TCP. I would like to know what should a router do after receiving the following types of IPv4 packets?Case 1: TCP header length is 0Case 2: all packets’ TCP checksum is fffThanks,Jingyi

I'm new to the Nexus configuration and have a pretty simple question.  Only half of the interfaces on the FEXes I am installing are actually coming up.  The ones that don't come up are in the following state: Ethernet102/1/23 is down (fabricIfDown).N...

g.hammond by Level 1
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I have 3560E 48 1gb port switches. No port is able to get over 450 mb and they show millions of output drops.  MLS QOS is not enabled. These switches have file servers on them. This is just one port. The drops go up 100s every few seconds.Cab1.1.SW1#...

rejackson by Level 1
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