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VSS Switch showing very higu CPU continue

Hi,We are facing issue of getting very high CPU utilization for the VSS Switch model WS-C6509-E some times approx 100%. Attaching here show tech-support taken later after CPU normal along with show logging, show cpu sorted. HCAINNOI01XXXCS0001#sh pro...

Router WAN interface

Hello,If someone needs to have 2 x WAN interface in a Cisco Router,does it usually mean serial interface or there is simply no way to figure out only from this content?I am confused since WAN interface is a logical concept compared tophysical ports s...

Resolved! Cisco 1941 spec

Hi,I’m looking for some specific parameters of Cisco 1941 and not able to find them and just wander if somebody can help me.1. Maximum number of DHCP clients2. Maximum number of DHCP pools3. Maximum number of VLANs on trunck portBest Regards

6509 boots to Rmon

Looking over a senior guys notes and attempting to help out.  We have 6509 upon reboot boots to RMON. From rmon we can boot no problem, but then if its rebooted, back to rmon.  The config looked correct, but am trying to help, here is the relevant pa...

Sup720 Config-sync

I am looking to replace the active supervisor (S720-10G) on our 6509E running in SSO mode. The new module already has the same IOs version as the standby supervisor.Once I have swapped the module how do I know that the config has sync'd correctly oth...

John Quick by Beginner
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Unable to console/ssh to 6513

Hi All,I have a 6513 with redundant sup 720-3B's that I cannot get onto.  In short, one of the power supplies failed, it still passes traffic but I can't console or ssh to the box.  Other than the two sup 720's, I have a 4 port 10gig card, a 16 port ...

Remove Default gateway IP address

Good morning,I have a 3500 XL switch with the following default gate IP address that i need to clear from the switch but not quite shore how to remove it.I've removed the customer original Ip for security reason as this is an open discussion forum an...

Ask the Expert:New Campus Segmentation Technology using Cisco Easy Virtual Network (EVN)

With Rahul Kachalia Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation.This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the Cisco Easy Virtual Network (EVN) solution with Cisco expert Rahul Kachalia. Network virtualization is c...

Resolved! VLAN IP removal

Good afternoon,I have an other niggling question, My switch Vlan looks all clear but when i run the command show running-config, to check that all IP information has been erased from the switch the Vlan is showing an IP address and i need help removi...

issues with sudden burst in bandwidth

Hi, I have a very unique problems that I am unable to solve as I have never seen the symptoms before + there are no errors on the affected equipment. The layout of the equipments are as suchother equipment <--> 2911 Router <--> Ether-Switch/3925 Rout...


Dears good Afternoon!Please help-me, I have this log below,Aug  6 15:37:54.424 UTC: %SYS-1-CPURISINGTHRESHOLD: Threshold: Total CPU Utilization(Total/Intr): 30%/0%, Top 3 processes(Pid/Util):  286/25%, 156/0%, 266/0%but im not found the processo that...

Cannot tftp to swith

I have a 3560X 24p sw 15.0.1 se      I tried to load a new image and I cannot get to the TFTP server.When I look at the IP routes it looks like this. All vlans are created on this switch I can get to all the vlan interfaces however I cannot get to an...

miket by Contributor
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