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Resolved! Catalyst 2950 disable login password

Good morning,I have a customers Catalsyt 2950 switch come in for the configuration to be cleaned to factoy default,using the link below removed the customers banner and login information whitch workedhttp://www.cisco.com/image/gif/paws/12040/pswdrec_...

Resolved! FEX Active Active on N7k with 6.1 code?

Is FEX Active Active topology supported on Nexus Nexus 7k running 6.1 code? As per Datasheet (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/iosswrel/ps9494/ps9372/data_sheet_c78-437306.html), 6.1 added support for Fabric Extender with vPC+. Would like t...

Resolved! access list question

Hello, would this sequence of access list commands:access-group 1 permit tcp any host eq 80access-group 1 deny ip any host 1 permit ip any anyachieve the following:Allow http access from any host to (external web...

fran19422 by Beginner
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Proper Design with BGP and EIGRP

HI Can some one please help me to design the attached topology with the below condition?1) High availabity ( if 2911 goes down 2811 should pass all traffic)2) if primay wan down another wan servie should route all traffic3) if one switch is down anot...

Public IP on inside interface ASA 5512

How would I go about giving a server on the inside interface of my ASA a public IP address. I have a /28 on the outside interface and I'd like to give a server a public IP and not NAT.I'd not sure how to go about getting this done.show run nat=nat (i...

Creating a VLAN

Hello I am working on a project where I have encountered a catlayst switch with the vlans created only using "interface vlan" command interface Vlan163 no ip addressThere is no "vlan [vlan id] " comanad to creat the VLAN , can any body send me a ref...

Routing mDNS (bonjour)

Hello,I have a pretty tricky scenario that I need help with. I have several Cisco wireless networks all on their own separate VLAN's in their own subnets. We recently deployed several Apple TV devices throughout our campus for our iPad users to conne...

Craddockc by Participant
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Monitor and audit switch port configs

Hello,Is there a way or product out there that can help me - Monitor switch port configs against a baseline?- Show me if a list of ports has been disconnected for a period of time ?For example, our baseline config for network port can be seen below. ...

Khoa Pham by Beginner
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