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I have a cisco 3560E switch setup with LACP, when using LACP i receive alot of packet loss / output dropsWhen a ping from the server behind LACP:--- google.com ping statistics ---44 packets transmitted, 39 received, 11% packet loss, time 42990msany i...

netalia99 by Level 1
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My question concerns the "stacking" of L2 un-managed switches.Is there a rule-of-thumb that defines the maximum number of un-managed L2 switches that may be stacked in serial fashion?Can you refer me to a document that may define the "Best Practices"...

DenisHenn by Level 1
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Dear Cisco Support Team,We are working on a design to propose 100 IP Cameras in a Factory environment. The customer has raised a concern regarding reliability and availability of Switches when all of its 24 ports or 48 ports are connected with IP Cam...

Well i configured VPN between two Gateways (ASA & Router 2900)Site  A Gateway (Cisco ASA) Public IP : 86.xx.XX.XXSite B Gateway (Cisco Router) Public IP : 196.xx.xx.xxSite A INternal Lan : B INternal LAN :   Site-A,...

I am trying to setup round robin to multiple out of band (not inline) proxy servers via PBR.  Here is what I have...route-map websense permit 11match ip address WSSset ip next-hop                   Will this allow for Round Ro...

dhopper82 by Level 1
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Hi,Have you seen MAC tagged frames with BPDU ?Normally, the tag is unuseless because these MAC frames are not relayed to another port in a switch. They are directly processed by a sublayer client of the MAC sublayer.Thanks for your words,Michel      ...

hostettle by Level 1
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Hi,We recently installed Cisco 6509-E with dual Sup 720-BXL. We are using this switch on internet Edge. Internet connection is terminating on 10GIG fiber port.We do have following line cards installed.1. 10 GIG * 4 port line card2. 1 GIG * 8 port lin...

                   Hi everybody,I would like to know if i can and how stack a Cisco 4900M with a 2960S. I know it's not the most common but i need it.Thanks a lot

We bought a 3560 PoE switch to replace tons of PoE-injectors but when connecting the devices our logs were flooded with Mar 11 15:09:20.725: %ILPOWER-7-DETECT: Interface Fa0/7: Power Device detected: IEEE PDMar 11 15:09:20.725: %ILPOWER-5-INVALID_IEE...

    Hi everybody,I would like if is possible to stack a Cisco 4900M with a 2960S. I know it is not the most common situation but i need it. Thanks BR                  

Hi!I got a Cisco WS-C2950G-24-EI switch to integrate with a Linksys SRW2024 and something is unusual about the existing configuration.VLANS do not appear in the running configuration but when a show vlan is executed all the vlans are seen.The existin...

net buzz by Level 1
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