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Hi All,Does anyone have idea why the ip and mac address cannot store in dhcp snooping binding table? if ip address cannot store in ip dhcp snooping binding table. my  pc cannot ping to gateway.  The router i have configure as dhcp server so i have di...

Hello, I have upgraded switches like cisco 2960/3560 & 3750. But never upgraded cisco 6500 switch.I checked on the cisco website for the steps to upgrade but its little confusing for me to understand some of the terms. I am planning to upgrade the IO...

Hi Cisco experts,I am having a cisco 7609-S router with the image sup-bootdisk:c7600rsp72043-ADVIPSERVICESK9-mz.122-33.SRD7.bin. Im getting above 95% cpu spike for 10 mins in every 2hrs of interval, after it has been integrated with Ciscoworks LMS ve...

secureIT by Level 4
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So, my employer, known for doing it cheap, has purchased several 2960S switches with LAN base for terminating some remote sites. Pretty simple implementation - local subnet, routed interface, one static route.Unfortunately, they bought refurbed, and ...

darren.g by Level 5
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Hi Guys,I have two new 6509Es that I have connected to the network.  The  issue is that the two are connected via a port-channel and then the one  6509 is connected via a port channel to the main core switch (6509E).   The problem is that the one con...

I have a Cisco RVS400 router at my restaurant.In lan ports 1-3 on the router, I have plugged in my point-of-sale computers.Into LAN port 4 I have plugged my wireless access point that is in my dining room.The wireless access is there ONLY for the cus...

Dear All,I have a question .. pl guide me            CiscoSwitch1(4506) has 3 VLANs(12,13,14) and Switch2(4948) has 3 different VLANs(22,23,24) and IP routing has been enabled in both switches with SVI interfaces for each vlan. intervlan routing is w...

Shibu1978 by Level 1
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Please someone known if this switch suport services metro ethernet forum?I need the switch tha do this:          Ethernet Ports: 24 Ports SFP 100/1000     Suport Services: MEF SERVICES      Thanks!!!

hi ,,i have a  topology shown below :<====Gi0/1==Router 1 ==Gi0/2============>Swith=======router 2 ======internet                                                                      |                                                                  ...

Dr.X by Level 2
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Hi,I was called into a company today to look at their Cisco 7604 router as it had stopped working. The supervisor has all it LED in orange state, there was no blinking of the lights at power on they went straight to orange. Please see photo. Tried re...

mongolia1 by Level 1
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Hi all.I have a Cisco 1841 router at home with version 12.4(13r)T advanced ip services.The setup is extremely simple:1) PPPOE dialer to my service provider over ADSL2) Nat overload on the dialer interface.3) 2 Vlans one for home network (wired) and o...

Dimafo123 by Level 1
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