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Hi AllYet another confusion on MAC/ARP tables.. We have a unix server here, and it has a real IP eth0 - say, and Virtual IP on the same VLAN (say The issue is with linux servers, both real and virtual IPs have the same MAC ... x.x....

sblavanya by Level 1
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Hi I was wondering what is the standard practice for assigning global static ipv6 ip addresses. For example i have a /64 doing stateless autoconf however within this subnet I have some servers and I'm wondering if I should use the unique auto generat...

I have a Nexus 5548P and duing the install of the OS, a tech power cycle the switch when he wasn't supposed to.  Now the switch will not boot.  Are there any recovery procedures to recover an OS on a N5k?  After a power cycle it never gets anything o...

rdotson by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm a bit new to Cisco, it's been 7 years ago that I passed my CCNA. I'm setting up a new network at my home and can't get it working.I have a Linksys E4200 that is connected to the internet.I have a Cisco 3560G-48TS for my virtualisation proj...

HiI have a network with static routes witch I need to convert to OSPF.Never used OSPF, and do not have much experience in routing in general.The netvork is connected via some fiber links, but moastly wireless bridges.I have attached a drawing of how ...

perpaal by Level 1
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Hi all, I got some problem today, I tried to upgrade IOS from SXI2a to SXI9 in cat 6506 VSS. But the problem is that switch always boot with old IOS. I put the new IOS in sup-bootdisk and slave sup-bootdisk, bootvar is ok with new IOS:show redundancy...

Dears ,One of my newly installed  router got reloaded ,showing me below error . The same IOS im using in another router and it works fine without any issue ,but this newly installed router gave me this problem  .Is this problem from hardware or softw...

Haris P by Level 4
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Hello,one of my customers is starting to migrate his voice infrastructure to a solution based on Cisco UCM and Cisco VOIP phones.The access switches he is currently using are all Cisco 2960 with LAN-LITE feature set and unfortunately the qos capabili...

Dear Experts,I just created a scenario in Switches where few switches are in MST domain I make one switch ROOT-A as primary for vlan from 1 to 200 and switch ROOT-B as prmary for all other Is it normal that a PC in access switch connected with VLAN 1...

Haris P by Level 4
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I am having some issues on my network and i think i have narrowed them down to a single switch.On this switch the following logs can be seen  2147482407  05-May-2012 15:40:54    Informational  %AAA-I-CONNECT: New http connection for user admin, sourc...