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Resolved! Reflexive Access-lists

I have a vlan setup for proxies.  I only want to allow the traffic that is going out of that vlan to be able to return in.I was thinking about using a reflexive access-list and was hoping that someone already had a similar situation that I could take...

Alex Pfeil by Rising star
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Applying PBR on CAT3560 Switch

Hello Community,I have created a pbr route-map and i want to apply this interface vlanBut when goes ot interface vlan I dont see the optionip policy route-map PBRIt says unrecognized commandI dont know whats the issue. Can someon help ?Thanking in ad...

CAT 6500 temperature issue

Hi All,Im implemmenting SNMP env monitoring walking the SNMP env table is working fine...Well I get a notFuntioning on both SUP32 on mod 5(6) aux-1 temperate: N/ON/O stands for not Operating.. So Is this a hardware issue or a software Issue? This iss...

Resolved! MAC learning and unicast flooding

Hi all,Strange situation.I hvae a pair of 4507Rs with HSRP working for about 15 VLANs with a 2-port etherchannel between them. I'm seeing some odd Unicast flooding issues and I'm curious as to WHY it's happening.Here's the scenario:Host A physically ...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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6708 doesn't forward traffic

Hello,I've just added 6708 card into 7600 chassis (slot 7) and trying to move some highload interfaces from the same card (slot 4) to it without success.Interface with exact l2 configuration  on module 4 is forwarding traffic, but on module 7 don't.N...

volia.net by Beginner
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Ospf neighborship in different subnet

Hi Friends,Ospf neighborship is not coming up.Please help.sh ospf neighborNeighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Address         Interface            N/A   0   DOWN/  -           -   outsideFirewall 1interface Etherne...

amitak by Beginner
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6500 Blanking Plate Screws

Hi,Can anyone help here please? I have a 6509 chassis and need to install a number of blanking plates, however, it appears as though the screws for the plates have been lost. Does anyone know what size of screws I should be using to fix them on, or, ...

Cisco 871 and 861w always hangs after vpn configuration

We are using cisco 871 and 861W for some home offices and configured site to site vpn tunnel back to HQ, but the users keep complaining about the router hangs after several days and need to be rebooted to make it work again. Everything works fine exc...

txing by Beginner
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