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hi pls i need some helpthe memory utilization of my cat 6513s abnormally grew very high last weekit came back to normal after i turned off all debugs...my bossed asked to know how much it would cost to upgrade the DRAM (which i believe is d memory re...

dudu_2030 by Level 1
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Towards the end of last year, we did install 2 Cisco 3750 (stacked) and our plan is to have this as our Core router later. Got static VLAN's configured and is just currently it is just doing switching. We got a HP L3 swith currently doing core routin...

utawakevou by Level 4
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I plan to upgrade my vss pair from 12.2.33.SXI3 to 12.2.33.SXI5. I have seen two Cisco method of upgrading VSS, FSU and eFSU. Anyone have recommendation/suggestion which one is most effective and problem free? I want to see if people had issue with o...

nawas by Level 4
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Hi team, I am confused with a design for remote office connectivity...... as per my plan   router comes first as edge router where WAN link and Internet(firewall as internet modem) is terminated  then it goes to firewall and then to Core switch. But...

Hi all.  I have a couple of 1921 routers.  I've set up static routes on them using the "ip route <dest> <mask> <next hop>" command.  When I do "show ip route", nothing shows up.  However, when I do "show ip static route", they are there, but each of ...

vtran by Level 1
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When the switch reboots and I try to save the running config I get this error message:228_CRIT_VM17_3020#wrBuilding configuration...Error writing new config file "flash:/config.text.new"nv_done: unable to open "flash:/private-config.text.new"nv_done:...

Hey All,I'm trying to setup some new gear and am looking for a way to connect my border routers together through so they can see each other eBGP routes through iBGP. The bgp configuration portion is very straight forward and each of the border router...

Hello all,Apart from using traceroute is there any other commands I can use on cisco switches/routers to track which interfaces it uses to reach destinationI'm trying to apply QoS policy on interfaces but need to find out which interfaces it leaves o...

Cisco 2811; IOS 124-24.T5The ping goes from two hosts, A and B, at the same time to the same address. Domain-based NAT config (OK):interface FastEthernet0/0  ip address no ip redirects no ip proxy-arp ip nbar protocol-discov...

Evgeny777 by Level 1
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