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Hi EveryoneI haave a problem with CATOS, something which ive never used and was wondering if you give me a hand. Basically I need to change the spanning tree from rapid-pvst+ to an open standard as i will be connecting some H3c switches. The problem ...

Cisco Small Business SG300Cisco Small Business SGE2000Both these switches support Inter VLAN routing and static routes and are significantly cheaper alternatives than the Cisco 3560 series.  Can anybody confirm if either of these switches can perform...

Hi Friends,I have one query on failover of the link routing in core switch.My primary link is MPLS which is connected from MPLS router to Coreswitch, So whenever MPLS goes  down then the traffic should route to IPSec Site to Site VPN tunnel through I...

psaravanan by Level 1
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Hi,I'm new in cisco world. Can somone help me undertsand why swicth PoE not working with Linksys IP phone SPA922? It’s not powering up and command „show power inline” are not showing any connected device. This IP phone is not supported by cisco or wh...

HiI wanted to reset the password on the switch 2900xl. As per the document i hold the mode button down while the switch is unplugged. I plug back in the powe cable and when the light goes off on port 1x i release the mode button. The switch does not ...

Greetings,I have a c3560-E and I am trying to copy a startup-config from an FTP server which is directly connected on gi0/1 to the switch. When i enter the command "copy ftp: startup-config" and give the IP address and filename it gives me an error "...

ianwardGD by Level 1
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We have a need to create a vrf-lite scenario within our enterprise and I seem to have read somewhere that the RD keyword is no longer necessary. At this point we will only have one unique vrf-lite configured, but in the future, who know - we may end ...

jkeeffe by Level 2
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Hi folks,Relativel simple scenario here; I have a single Layer 3 switch upstream of a Layer 2 switch in a sort of Distribution/Access design (albeit not very redundant).The distribution switch has multiple VLAN's (5 in total) -1 for Storage1 for Serv...