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9600 redundancy

Hi allwe have just installed some9606 switches in stakwise and dual sups.we ran a failover test in chassis and I was suprised to see it took around 5 mins for the on chassis supervisor to come back on line.am I right in saying they only run in RPR mo...

NAT between same device IP addresses

Hi Guys/Gals, wondering if anyone can help? I need to NAT several IP's to a PC that have the same IP ranges (see diagram). I normally use Stratix switches which make life easier as they have separate command called l2nat but cisco switches do not hav...

Image 311.png
JussyJay by Beginner
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can't ssh it show "[Connection to [IP ADDRESS] aborted: error status 0]" after upgrade switch firmware

Hi all After upgrade ios to ver 17.x    when ssh to other machine it show ""[Connection to [IP ADDRESS] aborted: error status 0]""    I double check the ssh verion between 2 switchs are same (1.99) please see when show  "ip ssh" I try remove key then...

PoE Power Commands

Hello Fam,Which command gives the output below?Please someone assist.Interface: Gi1/0/12Power AllocatedAdmin Value: 30.0Power drawn from the source: 15.4Power available to the device: 15.4Actual consumptionMeasured at the port: 5.2Maximum Power drawn...

Shaqxify by Beginner
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Resolved! InterVLAN IP not ROUTING question.

Hello. I am having some issues getting my InterVLAN Routing to work.I just want any device on the 10.0.1.x to talk to/send data back and forth to 10.0.2.x and 10.0.2.x to 10.0.1.xThere is no configuration on this L3 Switch aside from this; ip routing...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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Backup configuration files using SFTP failed

Hi Community Does anyone have a clue how to get SFTP working on configuring Archive feature please? It works perfectly with TFTP but am struggling to get it to work with SFTP. We are using a NAS server that supports SFTP, the server seems to be ok. C...

Ro-Lak by Beginner
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SG350x-48 vlans and layer 3 setup

I have used the SG300 numerous times in layer 3 mode to route between vlans with no problem. This SG350X however is totally new and I can not make it work. Each port can be set individually to layer 2 or 3 instead of the entire switch.  Any port set ...

edisoninfo by Beginner
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Resolved! HSRP Multiple tracking

Hello All, As per the below design , if we have 2 core switch , each core connected to a different PE and each has 2 OSPF Adj , Core 1 is the active what i want to accomplish is:- -On Active , Configure IP sla for and and track ...

xZamalek by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP on L3 switch not working

Hi, Trying to setup a L3 switch with DHCP server running and handing out addresses on all ports.I have a very simple PT file with PC connected to 3650 in GigEth1/0/1, pool configured.Still doesn't work... Please help me find the problem.Attached is t...

Operation by Beginner
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HQOS and 9300 8 queues

I read a lot of documentations regarding HQOS, but not sure how it's programmed on the C9300 ASIC UADP 2.0.I have the following, before changing the configuration a Catalyst 9300 running a HQOS shaper on outbound traffic on uplink.What I've got befor...

beufanet by Beginner
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