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VSS Deploymnet / NSF

We are planning to implement the VSS on our data center core switch. At present we are having only one 6509 switch with 2 supervisors…I am planning to use standby supervisor of live 6509 chassis in to another 6509 chassis (Both chassis are compatib...

PVST Interopability

I am running Cisco switches running PVST with a switch that does not do PVST. When STP is turned on on all switches, the non Cisco switch is essentially transparent to the Cisco switches as far as STP is concerned (the per VLAN BPDUs are simply forw...

inoc_noc by Beginner
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SSH on 2621 Router

Hi, Does the 2621 Router support SSH login to the router? I have 12.3.26 Enterprise installed but could not configure SSH. If I need IP/PLUS I will have to upgrade the Flash to 32Meg. I also need IPv6 and SRB support.

smintz by Beginner
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Cisco 6500 Chasis

HI,In our network we are using CAT 6500 with single chasis with dual SUP, POwer supply and Line card for redunancy is ther any chance of entire chasis going downsince we are incresing our traffic in that switch or else we can put secondary catalyst a...

Safe Harbor CATOS Code 8.x

I want to be able to provide PoE support for Cisco 802.3af-compliant PoE switching modules for a 6509 switch running with a WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE sup engine. The current catos code is 7.6(3a) which does not support the poe feature on the module. Can someo...

Protected Port and IP local-proxy arp

HiI have this setup:R1 -> | fa0/1 SW1 (vlan 2)R2 -> | fa0/2Two routers connected to a SW1 on the same vlan. Fa0/2 and fa0/1 had switchport protected configured. SW1 has a SVI 2 configured with ip local-proxy arp.I'm trying to setup ...

tomek0001 by Enthusiast
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ASA WebVPN SSH, Telnet Plugin

I have a trouble with Telnet plugin. When i create a link to a switch Cisco 3550 (for example the links is telnet://|user1|Password:|password1|).but that link did'nt work. I don't know if the link is incorrect or exis...

Multi BGP help - urgent

Hello,Recently we have changed over to BGP for our SINGLE PROVIDER we currently have.The configuration looks like this:router bgp AS_NUMBER no synchronization bgp router-id ROUTER_ID_IP bgp log-neighbor-changes network XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (1) mask 255.25...

Resolved! OSPF Question

This is a question from Wendell Odom CCIE Certification Guide book, 3td edition, chapter 9, question 9. I not sure if the asnwer in the appendix is correct. So I post it here to see if someone agrees with me. There might be more than one right answer...

COS on 2960 Switches

I currently have 4 2960-48TT-L switches operating at a location. That location has implemented a Polycomm Video Conferencing System. We wish to implement COS on the LAN for the polycomm traffic. The switches have the LANBASE-M software and the softwa...

dohogue by Beginner
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