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Hi, I have been given a second hand 3850 switch that was not reset.I have managed to do a factory-reset config to clear the startup config and regain access to the switch, but would like to go one step further and fully wipe it to start over. As it i...

HiApologies in advance for the long post. I'm in no way a Cisco, or networking in general, guru so please bear with me if these are basic or stupid questions. Due to the need for much increased security we need to try to put in place some kind of acc...

jarweb by Level 1
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Hello,   We are using ESS-3300-NCP-A board in our development.The board contains a SPI interface for external LEDs controlling.Does anybody know the type of IC which should be used between SPI and the LEDs? AlexAlexanderg@niron-sys.com    

hi. on cisco C9200L-24P-4G i have a problem. on some ports POE doesn't work. when i connect a device,it shows faulty condition on that port. i have also checked that device on another switch and it works. cables also checked. this problem is on some ...

letto55 by Level 1
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Hello, I am using C9500 Switches and both the of them are configured with Stackwise Virtual with one Switch with Priority 15 and other is with default priority.  As I take out the cable of SVL link all the Ports goes in to err-disable of Active switc...

Resolved! Help with DHCP

Hi everyone, I have this practice assignment I'm doing on PT and I can't seem to get my cisco router thats the DHCP server to work. I've spent hours on it and can't seem to figure it out, If anyone can please look at some of the config files I have t...

I have a stacked Cat 9300 switch, it is configured with ISE cpl.   Doing search shows that it is not reversible.  Can we factory reset the Catalyst switches so that we can go back to the legacy configuration?  If yes, how do I factor reset the switch...

ironman28 by Level 1
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Resolved! IE1000 boot

Hello all,for a customer we have an IoT mobile application where we have to install a switch IE-1000-6T2T-LM Since the switch wil be shut down many times during its normal duty, it is important to know exactly how much timeit takes to boot, in order ...

dugolotti by Level 1
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Hi All This is the first time I'm doing a firmware upgrade on a cisco switch. I'm use to dell.I've been trying to do this for a few days now and not sure where i'm going wrong.I first started with the usb but then I found out that you need to run the...

Hello everyone,CBS350 model switch, connected via CLI, starts a Marvell linux distribution, and does not load the Cisco operating system; there is the console# prompt and not the switch> prompt.does not respond to "enable" and "configure terminal" co...