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Folks,I've got a Catalyst 3550-48 that hangs during bootup. The switch POST's with no errors, and I've tried booting with 2 different IOS images with the same result. Anyone have any idea what could cause this? Thanks,SM

Hello Can anyone help me with the setting up of an 837 router as an internet facing router, I have tried ans it wont work, I got the required information from the ISP but to no avail, i dont know if pulling my hair out will help...please advise

Hi all,i see slowness in network.see packet drops.check the serial linkSerial0/0/0 is up, line protocol is up Hardware is GT96K Serial MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1544 Kbit, DLY 20000 usec, reliability 255/255, txload 73/255, rxload 48/255 Encapsulatio...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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I am having a configuration problem. I have a 1760 with a 2950. My client wants 3 vlans on the 2950 and they will not be able to "see" each other after we are done. The client also want the router to do the DHCP.I setup 3 scopes on the router, set po...

lhoyle by Beginner
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I am considering purchasing the following 4510R-E switch items for installation in a new building that will go online shortly.a) 1 x 4510R-E Chassis (WS-C4510R-E)b) 1 x Supervisor Engine 6-E (WS-X45-Sup6E)c) 1 x 24-Port 10/100/1000 Module (WS-X4424-G...

mark.wood by Beginner
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I have 2 6509 with redundant SUPII, w/ PFX2 and MFC2 cards, 2 SFM and 2 x6816 cards each.Between the 2, Im running BGP, with 4 peers (2 per box) and OSPF. I also have about 2500 subinterfaces per box (about 1000 per interface).After adding the subint...

Hi All, Just a quikie..will the ws-x6548-rj-45 module with the added ws-f6k-dfc work in a 6513 catalyst switch runing IOS 12.1.23e with Sup2 msfc?.Is the ws-f6k-dfc memory upgradeable?.Rgds.Harry.

We want to config 2 6506-E Sup720 MSFC3 with redudant supervisors in the event one fails. I have read the documents regarding SSO but still am not sure how to configure. I have configured both sups with the same configuration and trunked via ethernet...

brobertson by Beginner
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