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connection detailsCE--PE1---P1---PE3---CE3i have provided the configuration of the above 5 ASR 9k routers please help me to configure mpls intranet vpn from Ce1 to Ce3 

samrckz17 by Beginner
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Hola, saludos a todos,Estoy tratando de configurar una red de ejemplo usando vlans por medio de VTP, el primer SW hace funciones de servidor, el segundo esta configurado en modo transparente, y los otros dos en modo cliente.El router esta haciendo la...

Hi,I have been looking at deploying a small core switch design for an important branch office that would consist of 2 cores with an etherchannel link and then 4 POE access switches linked to both cores utilising STP. I will also want static IP routin...

RHorsnell by Beginner
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Hello TeamI'am trying to apply the port-based configuration with Radius NPS on Windows Server and not luck yet...I've seen some guides and everything seems to be ok, anyway, not able to authenticate...Going to show part of my config:aaa new-modelaaa ...

Our company's device, Access Point 1830, has a POE power errorIts Serial Number isKWC23010F63KWC23010F62KWC23010F56They said the device was flagged and could not be RMAed, if an RMA was created the flag had to be removed, and if they did so the distr...


Hi all I'have to do a ring network with 8 switches belonging 93000 (q.ty 1) and 92000 (q.ty 7) families. I'm going to use rapid-spanning tree (802.1w). I know that there is a limit to 7 switches about the ring's diamter if I used old spanning-tree mo...

marzi by Beginner
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We get following error while installing iperf as a container on a IOS XE 17.9.02 9300L switch:Jul 18 11:13:28.063: %IOXCAF-6-INSTALL_MSG: Switch 1 R0/0: ioxman: app-hosting: Failed to install iPerf: App signature validation is required. App signature...

mario.jost by Participant
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Hello, I´m going to buy Cisco Catalyst 3650-24PS-S, I was wondering if it is necessary to buy a separate license to make it work. What would be the limitations of using it without a license? Thanks in advance!

MathCar by Beginner
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