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Cisco 3640 Router IOS Recovery

Hello all,I upgraded a 3640 router IOS, but when I rebooted the router, it could not load the IOS and goes to Rom Monitor command. I already saved the old IOS on the TFTP server. Is there some one who knows how to restore the old IOS from the TFTP se...

NAT - Router and ASA setup

I'm a little confused on how to set up NAT and where. My router has an ip of My public IP range is to of usable IPs. At the current moment the router forwards the traffic to a hub and from there it goes into a device that ...

IOS Memory Requirments

When upgrading software on a Cat6500 native mode switch and the new code requires 256Mb memory and 64Mb flash does this mean on the MSFC or the Sup or both?

h.parsons by Participant
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6509 cvdm login problem

Hi,I just installed CiscoView Device Mgr 1.0 on a new Cat 6509 switch with a single Sup720 running IOS 12.217d)SXB1. The problem is that when I try to launch CVDM by using, I ge...

osamaokok by Beginner
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Traffic Shaping on 3550?

Is there anyway to do traffic shaping (not policing, or limiting) on a 3550 switch?I used the following format on 3725 router,policy-map metroe class voip priority 192 class dayton shape average 1400500 class 400staunton priority 128 class ...


Hi all ,I want to know the whole process of how computer gets IP address from DHCP server when its in Different VLAN.

SPAN over fiber

I am trying to set up SPAN over fiber. I have the server that I want to do the monitoring for a switch port. I am trying to get the tx and rx of a port and send it to the server. Since the link i am monitoring is over fiber i connected the link from ...


I have a question regarding the 3750-E platform. How good are the 10g ports? Are the 10g interfaces supported at full line rate or are they blocking, when both are utilized? Etc. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.- Matt


Hi all,I have a question regarding the understanding of OSPF.What did the output means ?As i can understand, the ip directly connected, but then it has the "Redistributing via ospf 1135" and the "Advertised by ospf 1135 metric 1 subnet...

b.petronio by Participant
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