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Resolved! How make a Computer into a Bridge

Dear Friends,I have 3 Computers (with Windows 2000 Professional).-PC1 have 2 LAN cards (One is connected with PC2 and otherone is connected with Cisco 2950 Switch).-PC2 have only one LAN card which is use to connect it with PC1.-PC3 have also one LAN...

ACE Load Balancer

Hi,I am a newbie in this forum.. Can you please tell me whether I can specify a range of ports from the Public IP to the Internal servers. Normally the F5 does not allow you to add range of ports for a mapping..ThanksShyam

Uplinking CE500 Switch with unmanaged switch

Hi,I have a CE500 switch which i want to uplink with a Dlink unmanaged switch. The port which i have connected the Dlink unmanaged switch has ROLE as switch.I have connected two Desktops to the unmanaged switch which are able to communicate with eac...

Connecting 3550 to 3650 fiber channels

I will be purchasing a new Catalyst 3650 and I have a question about properly connecting it to my existing 3550 using the GBIC Ports. The 3550 have the Standard GBIC connectors and tbe 3650 have the mini GBIC ports. Can I simply purchase an SC connec...


Our CEO has 2 different internet connections and wants it set up to failover without him changing the cables,seamless failover.Noise is an issue. Any recommendations

djohnson by Beginner
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Bridging NetBEUI over a GRE link

Hi.I'm trying to get a GRE-over-IPSec-over-DSL link to bridge NetBEUI, but I can't seem to find a way to do so. I had a suggestion earlier regarding bridge commands, but I can't seem to find them on the boxen (it involved the SSAP and DSAP).I'm using...

Troubleshooting Input queue drops and Overruns

What should I look at for the two things shown....Input Queue drops and Overruns. see output below.GigabitEthernet1/23 is up, line protocol is up (connected) Hardware is xxxxxx Description: xxxxxx MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1000000 Kbit, DLY 10 usec, ...

burleyman by Collaborator
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Resolved! 4507R Module query

HiI am in process of ordering a 6 port GBIC modlue or 18 port.I am confused about one thing in cisco docs it says 6 gbic module will have all the ports wire speed and on 18 gbic module its says 2 ports will have wire speed and 16 will have a ratio of...

mahmoodmkl by Rising star
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Global management software, Cisco Works?

Hi,I know there is a long history of questionably successful management softwrae prodcuts, java-heavy stuff that is not quite up to par with modern management platforms so I lost touch with this stuff. Can someone make a solid recommendation on the c...

bbiandov by Beginner
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spanning tree

Hi all, If I have 2 switches both plugged together twice, within spanning tree if the links to the switch are the same speed, is it port number, would the higher port number be blocked ?


Can I use any vendors TACACS server for authentication for Cisco routers and switches? If so, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks,

Resolved! EIGRP Parallel paths vs multilink

EIGRP has a limit of six parralel paths. If I use multilink on 6 T1 lines will that be one path. Could I use in theory 36 T1 lines? Any advice would be appreciated. I currently have a T3 in place that averages 10MB of utilization and want to re3d...

Resolved! Syslog

Hi,I need to send syslog to a serverwhich command should I use :logging xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxorsnmp-server enable trapssnmp-server host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx publiccheersdav

trombidz1 by Beginner
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