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Anybody know what the diff. is between "Network Modules" and "Port-Adapters", as in NM-4E and PA-4E. Only thing I could find is that on the 7200 then are reffered to as PA and on the branch routers it's NM.Thanks!

We just bought out first piece of Cisco equipment, an AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 (a WLAN controller). Now I?m looking to find if I have the latest firmware (or whatever it?s called on Cisco) on it.I have registered for an account on cisco.com (as you see) and...

hellbeach by Level 1
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Hello everyone. I am trying to do this task. I am working in a network which is class A. We already have a scope which every user for the company could access with their user and password, then they have access to some resources. We managed this with...

Hello everyone,I'd like to know if anyone has ran into the following log msg:%SYS-4-P2_WARN: 1/Traffic from permanent host MAC but seen on incorrect port PORTIve searched CISCO and found out that this is logged when the switch sees its own ARP packet...

Can anyone tell me what the syntax is to configur a Pix to allow clients from to talk to on port 5000. There is no natting on this Pix.Thanks

I have to do an upgrade of my Catalyst 6509 at this moment I have a WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE and WS-F6K-MSFC2 and versions 6.1(1d) and 12.1(8a)E3. Memory RAM 128 FLASH 32.Wich version will be better to make the upgrade? I will use this catalyst to do the inte...

I got my ASA 5505 setup last night. All of my internal boxes can reach the internet but for some reason I randomly cannot ping internal addresses. Also, whenever I or anyone else tries to reach my external IP on port 80 it says there is an ACL blocki...

razorz2k by Level 1
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I used a route-map to forward a large range of ports to a static IP. Soon after I implemented the NAT commands the router stopped responding and then rebooted."sho ip nat trans" showed the following:icmp

Are there any plans to incorporate snmp support on the 6500 chassis? I am able to pull nbar proto discovery via snmp off my routers, but not 6500s running 12.2.18SXD7a on a sup 720b. It seems that many features do not make it over to the switch IOS

Hi...I am in the process of looking at QOS as a means of prioritizing traffic across a 10meg congested link. Is there a formula for determining the number of minimum threshold buffers to set? I'm setting this up on a 2811 router and am having trouble...