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I know that when we add a power-on switch to stack, re-elect a new master will occur, but can someone tell me what exactly happened, I mean wich switches will reboot? and how the stack will elect the new master.thank you 

Below is an example of alerts that we received for our Cisco 9300 switches; Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.09.04We would like to understand how we can customize the alerts that specifically address each hardware, Cisco IOS version AND the specific...

Good day, I have the following topology (Stack switches are Catalyst 9k): Core A (g0/0)--(g0/0) Stack 1 ..... stack 8 (g0/1) -- (g0/1) Core B At the moment of configuring the stack using the command  sw# switch <number> priority <priority> Which is t...

Marlon AJ by Beginner
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Hi,I have been attempting to configure QoS on the nexus 4k blade switch to set the CoS value of incoming traffic off the internal 10G interfaces, but have come across an error on which I can find no information on. Any advice would be appreciatedConf...

Hi everyone,I'm having trouble finding any information on what these logs could mean:2011 Oct 27 16:17:48 XALBCVMNX01 %FWM-2-STM_LOOP_DETECT: Loops detected in the network among ports Po3 and Po4 vlan 100 - Disabling dynamic learn notificationsfor 18...

darkid123 by Beginner
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WS-C3850-12X48U running 16.9.5I added all ports to the Application Visibility enabled column but I'm not seeing any AVC/NBAR data.Tried rebooting the switch but still no data.Does it take a while to show up or is there something wrong with my config?...

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DJX995 by Participant
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Hello,As below topology, end devices pings each other, but cant ping to vlan ip on Remote Switch(, although i can ping this vlan ip from CORE switch! -vlan 100 ( on CORE SW.-vlan 20 ( ) on CORE SW. -vlan 20 (192....

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Hi, I have a mini test setup that I am attempting to setup to support testing of IP phone provisioning. The setup consists of a IP Phone, Windows 2008 and Cisco 3560 POE switch. On the switch I have created three VLAN'sVLAN 100 Native -

b.tether by Beginner
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Has there been a End-of-Sale, End-of-Life, or End-of-Support Announcement for the Nexus 9000 93180YC-EX, NXOS 9.3(3)? I am seeing that some of the Nexus 9K's have End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcements, I am wanting to confirm before more are boug...

Hi there,On my Nexus 3548 switch, I'm wanting to create a filtered SPAN session to port mirror only UDP data from one Ethernet port to another:switch(config)# ip access-list acl-udp-only switch(config-acl)# permit udp any any switch(config-acl)# exit...

david_liu by Beginner
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I would like to connect (4) 10Gb SFP+ ports on Catalyst 6880 to Nexus 9300 40Gb QSFP to provide 40Gb bandwidth between 6800 and 9300.  Catalyst doesn't have 40Gb port so I am thinking of combining (4) 10Gb SFP+ to Nexus (1) 40Gb QSFP port. I have th...

abbasali5 by Beginner
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