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Hi We put two commands together 1 and 2 under one BGP. What is final effect? Is it useful? Thank you neighbor prefix-list Aggregate out     -------- 1neighbor route-map routerD-out out  -------- 2ip prefix-list Aggregate pe...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hello everyone, I have a SG300 (Layer 3 mode on) with 3 VLANs (1, 2, 3) and 2 DHCP pools enable on VLAN 2 and 3. IPs are well attributed to specific VLANs and interVLANs routing is OK. I would like to know if it is possible to filter according to IPS...

Cedders by Level 1
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Hi All...My name is Arindom and from IN Kolkata.I have found that my Cisco L3 WS C3550 24Power SMI switch has corrupted flash.As it has no other option I tried to boot it via console but failed deliberately.Upon powered on - the system light (led) bl...

Hi, Just wondering if possible to set up a SPAN session on a port channel as source.  Also the port channel is trunk. - I don't need it to do it remotely so RSPAN not required  I'm guessing as the source port channel will be 2Gbps going to my destina...

Wanted to get some clarification. I know that these are purley Layer 3 but with a NIM we can enable Layer 2 support. Question is does this enable Layer 2 support on all interfaces? Ex. the original routed SFP ports? Or is this limited to just the NIM...

Krish88 by Level 1
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We have an implementation project coming up around the beginning/middle of January 2021 using C9300/C9500 switches into 4-post racks.  Unfortunately, the lead times on the 4-post mounting kits are out to the end of March right now.  I was wondering i...

RB6502 by Level 1
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Hello, I have a switch Cisco SG300 (in L2 mode, in last firmware version) with 3 VLANS. I defined an IP address on my VLAN 41 for switch management (Web gui acces, ssh, ...). My problem is that I can't seem to set an IP on my other two VLANs. For exa...

fabienfs by Level 1
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Hi all I have a specific request to rate-limit a 10 Gbps interface to 1 Gbps throughput. Hardware is a C9300-24T with IOS 16.9.  Is that easily possible? I know that will cause packet-loss, but that's acceptable for this connection. And yes I know th...

patoberli by VIP Alumni
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