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Hi, I have some Cisco 3850-12S-E switches currently running software version 03.06.06E.I know now that I have options of either Denali, Fuji or Everest depending on what features I need.Basically the switch isn't doing anything too fancy - just layer...

Jim Kerr by Beginner
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Sorry, for any mistakes, since this is my first posting but, would anyone have an idea of why a Catalyst 2960x switch will not allow me to interrupt its boot process without ending up rebooting? I made the mistake of using the enable secret command a...

Mcoolwhip by Beginner
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Hi,When a few switches are stacked, during the boot one of them states an error:Switch X has a platform mismatch with the stack. Only on changing to a compatible bandwidth mode will the switch joinWhen booted, show switch command output in master swi...

When i was looking for Cisco Nexus 9k series model switch, it was mentioned 2 types of mode. One of them is ACI mode and the other one is NX-OS mode. I searched smth about them but I couldn't find any utility information. So is there anyone to explai...

 I wanted to do Cisco 3850 IOS XE Software upgrade and I found out on release note that the IOS 16.6.7 is not compatible to with 5508 wireless controller.My question, is it when it is connected directly? Or what about if not connected directly and if...

1. I noticed the below on the ENCOR exam topics & was thinking - would you need exposure to DNAC to understand how this works.6.5 Interpret REST API response codes and results in payload using Cisco DNA Center and RESTCONF2. How would you achieve the...

mkazam001 by Participant
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