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Hi Gurus, I seem to have a bit of an issue with a WS-C3750G-24PS-S after a local shutdown for power maintenance the switch no longer powers up even a single IP phone or wireless APs attached to it. diagnostics show no errors (with an 'all' test) I've...

The diagram below illustrates a simple test network I'm working on. At present, I can ping to each end (including the Internet) from the intermediate router but I can't ping through the router from either side. I do have a route 10.1....

BDS-ASCEND by Level 1
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Hello guys. I've managed to connect through internet via PPoe on my Cisco 1841 Router, I can ping my Cisco 2950 switch and vice versa and my switch can ping with success, but I can't seem to find why my PC doesn't connect to the internet when...

benone by Level 1
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I'm trying to find the Cisco Global Price list so I can do so rough costings for a Switching & Routing project. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction of this document on CCO, it was previously available as a download - eg Cisco GPL 130411...

I have recently installed an IE-4010-16S12P with several copper sfps and one multimode sfp.  The copper keep going down and will not return to up status until the switch config is reloaded or power is cycled.  The fiber sfp goes down but will come ba...

Hi thereWhat are the steps to activate smart licenses on the Cat9K in the stack ?my understanding is that one license is required for each Cat9K that makes up the stack.Plus, If a Cat9K in the stack is broken, how do I activate the license to incorpo...

Dear Experti have a question here i  have an organization with modular core switch 6509 with sup720 in vss mode , so the total throughput becomes 1440 Tbps, we have existing  access switches and servers on that switch and a core firewall and everythi...

adamgibs7 by Level 6
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Hello all! I have some doubts about the way HSRP works. Regarding the topology included below (ignore the interfaces' status, it's just a topology drawing), imagine PC0 is connected to SW1 but not to SW2. SW2 is the active member of the HSRP, when th...

Acc94 by Level 1
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Hello, Are there any caveats to using the 2 QSFP ports on the SUP6T ?  Thinking along the lines of plugging HP Enclosure that requires 4 ports of 40G into both ports on both supervisors and configuring port channel.  Anyone had any experience of this...

pshambro by Level 1
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My thread has expired for some reason. I have opened the thread yesterday evening and today i cannot access it.https://community.cisco.com/t5/switching/cannot-enable-ip-routing-catalyst4948-layer-3-switch-ip-based/m-p/4058058#M484343 

IAmSeth by Level 1
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