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                   Hi,is there any issue to be aware of when upgrading Codec`s from rel: 4.2.1 to 5.1.6I suppose the upgrade can be done seamless "in on step"This will be on C40, C60 and C90`s (with Creston touch panels, just mentioned)rdgpetter

Hi All,There are few things I would like to clarify. Please assist.In TMS PE, the software have 3 selections for User Import.1. Active Directory2. Active Directory w Kerberos3. LDAPQuestions:1. If I am using Windows 2008 AD, which selections should I...

fantasy24 by Beginner
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Resolved! MCU Resource

Hi All, If there are users that do adhoc video conferences (ie. call each other  using Jabber (Conferences) instead of using the Tanberg scheduler or direct call from endpoint to endpoint using the MCU ports (Conferences) and not multiway. If the bri...

when our systems were upgraded to Version 9.3.1 there were problems calling point to point, so we wanted to go back to the verison that worked until we could solve the issue.  However, when entering the Key provided by Cisco, it fails to downgrade th...