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Does CUCM 11.0 supports third-party soft phone to register over TLS?

Dear all, I am attempting to configure CUCM 11.0 to allow some third-party soft phone to register to CUCM using SIP over TLS, but failed. After searching on Google, I find that CUCM 9.0 does not support third-party soft phones to register over TLS. ...

CUEAC 10.5 Play wait message in Queue and then FWD to Voicemail

Hi, I have attendant console 10.5 with CUCM 10.5 in a customer environment. When the operator is on one call, the customer wants the next call to be queued and while being queued the system should play a on hold message(not the MOH).  When the time i...

Synthetic test

I created synthetic phone in CUCM with MAC 00059A3B7700. Status of the device is Rejected. Before I can run any test I guess I need this device to be added to Prime Assurance. How do I do this? If I try to run the test I get this message "The Cisco ...

Does 3rd party application can pull out data(like calling number/caller number) from the IP Communicator

Hi Guys, There is a third party application that want to integrate to CUCM and once the caller called to cisco ip phone(IP Communicator), this 3rd party application will pull out a data like caller ID. They asking if they can pull out a data/informa...

Resolved! UCS ESXi datastores

Some Servers UCS-C240-M4SX. "RAID 5 enable"  ordered through Cisco and defined with only one volume.Because of that, ESXi  has only one big datastore (more than 5 TB)Is this a good practice to have only one datastore on ESXi ?Should I redefine the RA...