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UCS FI failback

Hi All, I had rebooted FI-A all the traffic got failed over to FI-B but when FI-A came back up after reboot, I lost the connection to almost all esxi and also physical servers. any idea what can be the reason, is there any thing like preempt delay t...

Varun K S by Beginner
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Resolved! Modify VLANs on vNIC templates used in a LAN Connectivity Policy

I have several service profiles that were deployed from a template that in turn uses a LAN connectivity policy that includes vNICs from several vNIC templates (these are ESXi hosts).  I needed to add to the VLAN list on a couple of the vNICs so I did...

rick b by Beginner
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Adicionar o rack server C240 M4 no UCSM 3.1 (1h) com problemas de comunicação

Recentemente enfrentei alguns problemas para incluir um rack server c240 M4 no UCSM. O rack server veio com um a MLOM de 1327 de 40 GB, fora do nossa padrão. Para ativação deste servidor, adicionamos um VIC 1225 para a função de MLOM no slot PCIe 2. ...

UCS c240-m4 direct attached to storage with VIC1227/1225

Hi All,Before I put down my weird problem, I would like to ask if direct attaching storage using twinax cables with VIC1227 or 1225 (10GbE) is supported or not?                              We are trying to "Direct Attach" NetApp FAS3240 (cdot 8.3.1)...