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Customer is setting up multiple FI's in a new environment.  FI's are loaded with 2.2.3c from manufacturing.  Customer is using IPv6 for mgmt networking. Environment is in a lights out facility.When customer sets up the first FI in the cluster and at ...

Hello!I have the following code to add a VLAN to a VLAN group: def add_vlan_to_vlan_group(self, vlan, vlan_name, vlan_group):         """Adding vlan to vlan group. Very important that vlan group             name given is exactly the same as shown in ...

Ask your questions following the Live webcast, March 17, 2015 ending March 25th Ever wonder what VFC, VETH, VIF and HIF are in UCS and which path your packets are taking?   UCS infrastructure has several virtual components and this makes it challengi...