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Cisco UCS X-Series Energy Efficiency Offer


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Hello, Our currently installed 6248 Fabric Interconnect pair are generating a loud FAN noise.Is there any way to reduce theirs RPM? So then can be quieter? The server room have proper air conditioning. Some logs as bellow: FABRIC-A(nxos)# show enviro...

I installed new 6248 FI's today, they came loaded with version 2.1 I noticed they were extremely loud, actually louder than 3 other complete racks of gear. I read on a couple of threads about updating the version, so I jumped up to 2.2 and they d...

In my UCS Bladecenter environment, we thinking about changing away from our standard (non-distributed) vSwitches to Nexus 1000v distributed switches.  We've been told that doing that is going to give us a clearer view of the network traffic paths fro...