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Hi, Folks:Just need someone to answer the following confusion about CIMC setup for C-Series Rack-Mount Server?1.Can I connect our notebook STRAIGHT to the C460's network port, say M1 or M2 (10/100 Management Port) via s cross cable with the initial C...

K P SIM by Beginner
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please help me these are quite confused.........Please help me1>Data center analysis tools are most useful for which two purposes?(Choose two.)A. network device discoveryB. capacity plan optimizationC. network performance managementD. determine serve...

TangoAlfa by Beginner
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I have heard some folks argue that ETS (Enhanced Transmission  Selection) is NOT required to make FCoE work. I'm thinking specdifically  of the case in which a CNA is connected to a DCB-capable Ethernet  switch that is doing FIP Snooping, which is th...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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