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Hi there,I try to provision some pap2t via http, first I created a txt file contain the following:<flat-profile>  <GPP_A> 12345678  </GPP_A></flat-profile>then I load it on to my web site, and I enter the URL to Profile_Rule parameter under Provision...

I was hoping that someone would know the answer to this question.  Is it possible to set up a SPA2102 with one did on port 1, and havehave an additional channel on port 2 that calls can roll to if port 1 is busy?  I have some clients that are small o...

mytelcom1 by Beginner
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Hi.. Im facing a very peculier problem..Our network scenario:Location 1:1 cluster ( 3 CUCM ( 1 Pub, 2 Sub)1 Gateway ( 2 PRI lines )Location 2:1 CUCM ( 3rd Subscriber)1 Gateway ( 1 PRI Line)ProblemI have a cisco ip phone 7960 with ext: 0311. I have al...

naavi3216 by Beginner
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Hello all,I have a situation where afterhours I have Unity fwd all calls to an IPC-line of 8140. 8140 fwds calls to a cell phone and I have been asked to make it work so that if the cell phone user (oncall person) doesn't get to the call it reverts b...

Hello Guys,                 My Cisco phone will not retreive a IP address from the scope I have configured on my layer 3 3550 switch. My config is below. Does anyone see a problem with it? Thanks.!ip subnet-zeroip routingno ip domain-lookupip dhcp ex...

HiWe have a new Cisco Callmanager 7.0 installation here with around 300 phones. Most of those phones are personal and are sitting between a client pc. The clients are based on Windows XP and newer.Our integrator offered us a small tool which allows u...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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Hello,I'm trying to use t.38 fax relay with our as5400hpx.It's running 12.4(19)I'm also running 10.9.0 for spe firmwareI am recieving the following as soon as the t.38 negotiation completes. (fax t.30 debugging is on)The call is hungup immediatly.It ...

4T2 by Beginner
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I'm having some problems with inbound T.38 faxing on an AS5350. I'm working with Dialogic show is supporting their SR140 virtual fax card. I am turning on the fax relay debugging, but need to filter only the senders who are having fax failures to iso...

sculver by Beginner
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Hi Expert,I really curious about the quality of VOIP over internet. Is there any possiblity to do this by using cisco router at both end like below?? If possible, how can it be implemented?(site A)IP-Phone--------(Cisco router)---------INTERNET_CLOUD...