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HiWe have just installed our 1st UC540 with SPA502G handsets.  Inbound and outbound calls work ok but when we receive an inbound call, we don't have the number calling ID displayed, we just get 'anonymous'.Is there a quick and simple way to get the c...

I have a UC560 with four built-in FXS ports. I need them in a sequential hunt group. The ports are setup as user phones, as common area phones can't be added to hunt group. The problem is that when all four lines are busy, the fifth call doesn't resu...

After upgrading a UC560 to 8.6.2 with CCA 3.2.3 I have a strange clock issue.  Voicemail timestamps are 2 hours early, i.e. a message left at 3pm will be stamped 1pm.  Also the schedule for the AutoAttendant is 2 hours off.I have read up on the issue...