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We have a UC560 system setup in shop and we've received a UC320W for testing. When I plug in a SPA509G phone into the UC320W network (did a basic setup on it) and go into the IP phone's web interface (10.1.1.xx) I have a lot more options than when I ...

I have an UC520 and Asterisk with a sip trunk created between them, the calls from the UC520 to the Asterisk are ok, but the calls form de Asterisk to the UC520 are always busy.Logs from the asterisk show that the first part of the call is ok, but th...

We have a UC540 in a central office location.  We have 2 remote offices located in other cities.  Can model 7965 IP phone be used at the remote locations? - assuming we have adequate licenses of course.I'm a technical person, but not a Cisco person. ...