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   We are using SPA5xx phones in a hosted product.  We'd like to set up a backup proxy with SRV settings, but we don't want to use DNS.  And, we don't want to have to type something likeMY_proxies:SRV=|

dear all i have UC520-32U-8FXO-K9 currently installed in my office with 15 IP phones distributed on internal users , i have five PSTN lines connected to this system , all those lines grouped in one line so any outside person wants to call us he can d...

HiI got a WRP400 running.The Line Status on the site Voice->Status is indicating "Registered". Thus SIP-Account-Settings should be fine.At the WRP400 the green LED Line 1 is lite. There is no dial tone when I un-hook the phone. I tried several phones...