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Hi Team. I would like to configure a "translation patter" into Webex Calling like CUCM.I need this: When an user dial *333 it must be translated to a PSTN number. This is a simple configuration in CUCM, using translation pattern. How can I do this in...

Our organization moved to a new hosted Cisco solution in Nov 2020. In addition to our on prim environment we were offered the softphone capability as well for end users. We started out with Cisco Jabber which had many issues, so the provider and Cisc...

Tech5150 by Level 1
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I have the webex meeting invite containing the join link and the following details Host: ***********Event number (access code): *************Registration ID: This event does not require a registration IDEvent password: ********** and also have the we...

Screenshot from 2021-05-31 10-27-13.png Screenshot from 2021-05-31 10-28-18.png
SpiderMan by Level 1
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Is there a way to use webex calling so that anyone in an organization can see whether another person is on their phone or on "do not disturb"?  Like a virtual sidecar to their phone?

sjs1967 by Level 1
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One of our client is looking for a stand alone webex calling environment, which will be used for all testing, integration etc before moving it to production line. Is there a way we can create two customers with same domain, or Is there a way to set u...

Several users are having issues joining a Webex Meeting with Computer Audio, but are having issues due to an Invalid Certificate.  I have looked online, and removed Webex with the Webex Removal tool, but still cannot get it to work. Any other ideas?