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Hi AllIn our company we have a mix of wifi systems, Cisco controllers and Aruba, due to the investment it will stay like this!The issue we have is with guest wifi,Is there any piece of software that can centrally authenticate guest users for these di...

I am running Prime 1.4 to manage two 8510 WLC's both running  but there is a mismatch on the audit status between what Primes says the WLANS that an AP has vs what the controllers has.  I know that the controller takes precedence but I can ...

We have an AP1131 access point which was installed by a previous technician. He left, without leaving the password details!So I performed a Factory Reset, using the Mode button, as per the manual.Hold down the Mode buttonRe-insert the PoE injectorWai...

Resolved! AP Boot

I received a new batch of Access Point 3502i - none of them will boot up with a correct image from our controllers.I can take a spare AP I have right out of the box from a different source, and it boots up  and connects fine - so I know the configura...

I am trying to help a friend who recently had a friend install an internet system with a Cisco Aronet 350  Series Workgroup Bridge was used. Problem is my friend had a wireless community before this was installed and after trying different routers I ...

bldrm0001 by Beginner
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As I know , 881w can support both 20MHz and 40MHz , but after enter the wireless module configuration , I only find 20MHz option under dot11radio0 interface's channel width setting , and can not find 40-above and 40-low two options , WHY?My 881w wire...

harryhe by Beginner
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Hi everyonethis thing is bothering me alot and I appreciate any comment on it. its Microsoft and Cisco combination. in our school sometimes when a laptop boots up and the user wants to login to the network the "No logon Server" error appears. the rea...

How to avoid the web re- authentication process for clients while going out of wireless network and enter into the network. Already changed the default session timeouts values Is any way to keep the web session timeouts in client side or controller?

We are currently deploying 5 more 1530 Outdoor Access points to the existing 2504 wireless controller with 15 Airlap 1142n AP's.Now all the AP's are connected to the catalyst cisco 2960 switch.a)Is the catalyst 2960 switch supply enough power for the...

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