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Resolved! WLC Admin Profiles

Hi guys, I need to handle WLC credentials to several locations so that local IT can add local MAC addresses. We are using on global SSID with MAC Filtering on multiple sites.Except giving read-write accounts to each, is there a way for more granular ...

Good Morning world! I have a question in regards to how Cisco Flex connect works. Currently we are experiencing an issue with certain clients (iPads in guided mode) dont seem to be working weell when our AP's move from Connected > Standalone > Connec...

Hello Can someone explain to me how a gig switchport on a Cisco 5508 controller is different than an Gi0/0 interface on an ASA5515x?Both interfaces are on same vlan.Both interfaces show up/up    Cables have been swapped.    Ports have been changed.  ...

Hi all, I have a question regarding AAA override when using 802.1X and anchor WLCs. We have a BYOD network where our Campus WLC are using a WLAN with 802.1X for AKM and no L3 security. Following successful authentication traffic is tunneled to the DM...

I have AP's in Flexconnect Mode doing local switching, central auth.  For a particular WLAN, we are using mac-filtering.  When creating the local mac filter, should we select none under interface name where you would normally map the interface for th...

awatson20 by Enthusiast
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Hi, I have a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller with 51 access points, model 2601. And I would like to buy the Cisco Prime Infraestructure 2.0, I have doubts about the Lifecycle License, how many lifecycle device license I need? For 52 devices (01 WLC + 5...

vrrphsrp1 by Beginner
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