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WIsm 2 card is very complex card it runs on 4 os that what so odd about it  you have boot code,you have 3ed party program called busybox  now this has never been updatedthis is much like vmware. becuase it was never updated it has probems talking to ...

Hi! I've been managing cisco AireOS(ME, non ME) setups for several years and I never had to restrict access to the management webui or cli until now. I've done some searches on the internet and cisco docs and found the cpu acl feature. Using an 1815i...

leonarit by Level 1
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Hello, I would like to ask whether any considerations have been made to install location sensors in access points?This would make it possible to check in which position the APs have been installed, whether the installer has installed them the right w...

Hi Guys,Just reading up on what the DS flag is and I have the following definition below. I have also included 3 types of DS flag packets.Are there any more flags? I have seen stuff like station did not make it to DS etc etc etc? But cannot see mu...

Hi All,We are current using Social Sign in for our Captive Portal options for our 5508 WLCand just want to look at other options on the market which is suitable for our Cisco WLC.Any suggestion or recommend are much appreciated.ThanksQl

q-le by Level 2
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I have new system consist of WLC 9800 L AP9461ROW I am trying  to integrate with ISE the mobile device connect to ssid normally but PC with any connect fail to  connect I traced the problem with the ISE admin and he replay that the PC with cisco any ...

Hello,I'm trying to find a way to configure the anchor WLC in the 9800 that can also broadcast the SSID and allow to connect clients. We had Aireos without any problem, but now that we are migrating, we just realized that we can't anchor and keep ser...

Have a client that has a 9800 auto-anchoring a quest network for several locations.  The 9800 Auto-Anchor is at a site where they now want to host an AP and a local SSID.  It has been my understanding that the auto-anchor should be used only for an a...

JWS by Level 1
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