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Hello Support Community,I want to upgarde my Prime Infrastructure which is in version 1.2 to a newer version (1.4 or 2.0) to be compatible with the version of the contoller WLC.Which version should I choose for the Prime infrastructure v1.4...

salilai01 by Beginner
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I´m looking for where are made the "Planning Mode" to conduct a predictive site survey in Cisco Prime 2.0  but I can´t find. I´ve already read a lot of documents but I was just more confuse.I knew that in previous versions you could enter in "Plannin...

a.azambuja by Beginner
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Dear all,We have simple Wireless network with Cisco Standalone AP, our laptops/android phones easily connects to WLAN, but Apple devices cant connect, nothing happen, phone just drop the connection, we use WPA2 + TKIP, any ideas ?thank you

Hi, need help with my current situation. We had a Cisco wlan controller 2100, we've connected this device in one of our global partner's Radius server in another country/territory. We're able to connect to the radius server for auth and users can go ...

TECH-JEFF by Beginner
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Hi All,If we want to use SSID with WPA2 security (802.1x) for example, my understanding is we have to create WLAN profile in each and every user's laptop.But it is not possible to do in a big organization. So is there any possibility to automate that...

Resolved! DTLS handhake

I am not able to get the Aps to join WLC.i have wlc 5760 with version 03.03.01SE.below is the error message i am getting on the controller:*%DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE: 1 wcm:  Failed to complete DTLS handshake with peer  for AP 0000.0000.000...

ACS Primary and Secondary Scenario We have ACS Primary and Secondary architecture in our Datacenter, I have gone through the user guide and implementation guide, few things are not clear to me,•1.       If primary ACS failed or unreachable, whether t...

sankarccie by Beginner
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HI,I would like to ask if Cisco Access Points (both indoor and outdoor) can act both as an endpoint access and at the same time as mesh for mobile APs.Im planning to use 1530 outdoor and 2600 indoor Access Points inside a warehouse. Two of the 1530s ...

bportanez by Beginner
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Hi, The company I am employed by has recently purchased 2 Cisco Aironet 1142N WAP's to have about 60 clients connect to these. At the moment we have all the clients connecting to only one AP and dont connect to the other. We turn off the first AP and...

timmotools by Beginner
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I have a Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 install that I am having problems with. I have completed the setup and have the devices in the program that I currently want to manage. My problem is with logging in by means of TACACS+. I followed the instruct...

     Got a strange one here.I have six Aironet a/b/g access points that wont join my 4402 WirelessLan Controller. They are getting IP s from my DHCP server. I haveset up the scope with the Vendor description and Option 43 info that has the ip of the ...

Hello,Can someone please help me in guiding out as to how do we install the SAP1602E without using the controllers as all the install guides are talking about controller based installations but my whole purpose of going with SAP unit was to do standa...

navgrover by Beginner
  • 17 replies
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