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Hello All,We have Cisco Prime - Network Control System,  When i loging in it come up with a pop up to install/use Google crome, Can you please hlep me to get rid from this?ThanksJagdev           

Hi folks,I have a question regarding using a 3750 for a DHCP server. I have read thru the switching community forum and see many posts concerning a DHCP server an how to configure and the use of multiple vlans, etc... I was wondering if anybody out t...

luceroc by Level 4
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Dear Fellows                   please help me on this issue i have a router Cisco UC540 which is configured when i use it shows me command how can i change the password for Wi-Fi. can i use Cisco configuration Assistant to change the pas...

sirfanali by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Dear Sirs.My customer plans to extend existing wireless coverage and upgrade to controller based network.Let me shortly describe the situation based on the attached network map.RAP points are installed on the buildings, they have wired uplink.MAP poi...

AlexioUBS by Level 1
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Hi all, I'm facing the following doubt regarding the AC Power Connector on the 1522 AP.We are powering up the AP through PoE, so the AC Power Connector is not used.BUT,do i have to seal/protect the connector or leave it as is?Anyone facing the follow...

Resolved! Wireless

Dear Sir,i have cisco 2500 series wireless controller i want to add one cisco 1140 Access point on that controllerwhat steps i need to take firmware need to upgrade

anyone having issues keeping stable wism2 blades reliable. Every so often our WiSM fails over and we done know why. Just curious if anyone else is having this. We have opens tac cases but as usually the issue is not easily replicated.Sent from Cisco ...

Looking for some help with the error messages below. This is for a AIR-CAP3602I-A-K9.*Jan 14 15:28:59.779: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Warning, DTLS Sec Engine is overloading, ignore data-Keepalive timeout *Jan 14 15:28:59.779: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Warning, D...

j.allnutt by Level 1
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