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Problems with re authentications in a wireless with WLC working with web authentication and a radius server

Hi everyone, im having problems in a wireless network, the SSID has security layer 2 WPA, layer 3 web authentication (internal default page), and external RADIUS.When a client makes a roaming from one AP to another one or when he has a idle time, he ...

WCS Server Required or Not?

                   I have Cisco AIR-CT5508-25-K9 Wireless Lan Controller and AIR-CAP3602I-E-K9 Access Points (18Nos).  Should i have WCS for this or no need?  Can i configure and manage these access points through the Lan Controller because i have on...

Resolved! FlexConnect on a 5508

                   I am planning to install a new network for a client with 22 branch offices using a 5508 WLC. The branches all connect to the internet thru various layer3 interfaces, routers and various service providers. I had planned to use FlexC...

Jabber for Android QoS marking

Hi,I haver a question about Jabber for Android.Does Jabber mark upstream IP Packet with DSCP value?I would use Jabber on Android Tablet in a WLAN. I need DSCP marking to use 802.11e.Another question: where I find a list of "Jabber compatible" Android...

Resolved! WISM1 to WISM2 migration with different image

Hi all,I am about to migrate WISM1 to WISM2, The image of WISM1 is and the image of WISM2 is i need to upgrade WISM1 to before i export the configuration and import it into WISM2? Or can i just export the configuratio...

Concentration of clients in LAP 1142

hi I have a problem with the concentration of clients in one of the LAP in a floor. There are about 34 clients connecting on radio a/n and about 12 on b/g/n.Even though there are two access points the client distribution seems to be not happening wel...

TGF_Cisco by Beginner
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ssh host keys on WLC

How do you properly configure SSH keys on a WLC?  On IOS I normally set the domain name of our organization on the system and then use the "crypto key generate rsa" command.  I have found the WLC "network ssh host-key generate" generate command but c...

bgoulet00 by Beginner
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Resolved! best practices on wlan configuration

I have 6 accesspoints with controller . We are using voice video and data on the wireless with multiple SSID and vlans what could be the best practice on the accesspoints QOS and the switch port configuration of 3750 is it trunk or accessport?Sent fr...

dsolangon by Beginner
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Resolved! Replace a failing WiSM

All,How do I backup and restore the config in a WiSM? I thought this would be easy to lookup, but so far no joy!I assume I just shut the module down, pull it out, push the new (with the chassis still up) it's just the backup/restore I'm unsure on.Che...

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