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Hi EveryoneI recently had to deploy about 4 cisco 1131 AP's to one of our branch location. When configuring them on the controller, i needed to put them in HREAP mode. As soon as i do that and the AP needs to reboot, it will continue to reboot in a l...

chrisb by Beginner
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I am testing an ISE 1.1 with active directory. I have it mostly working. I am trying to setup rules that say if you connect to our wifi with a username from active directory and your PC is a member if the domain you get put on our internal wifi vlan....

Just had some more 3500i installed,but 2 of these seem to be working, but there is no green LED when no connection, and when you conneect there is no blue led.The LEDs to change when rebooting the AP, just neve seen this before, is this a fault?cheer...

Hi,I have a situation where I have to deploy 1600 APs to a remote controller due to them not being supported by the 2100 series controllers at our local site. There are 1142s connected to the local controllers.I have the 1600s configured and they reg...

jj27 by Rising star
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Hi everybody,I have a question about Rogue Access Points.We have a Wlan controller (2504) and it sees rogue access points.I know there are some tools, if you tell it that it's a bad rogue access point, it starting to kick people of that access point....

Can someone tell me if the 2600 series access points are compatible with a 4404 controller running code? I was looking for a compatibilty matrix for the AP to controller to code comparison but couldn't find one.                  

vancamt76 by Beginner
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Hi.I am working on setting up a new WLAN infrastructure. I have set up different SSIDs connected to different VLANs, in the AP.I also want to use Windows NPS for authenticating users on the different SSIDs, with different authentication methods based...

Hi AllI recently upgraded our PI 1.2.1 to 1.3. It all worked fine but I had no more TFTP working. It didn't really work in the previous version, but now it didn't work at all. I could neither put nor get a file.So today I checked out some system sett...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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Hi,I have a WLC 2500 which I would like to configure with guest access.  I want to set up a web passthrough with email input.  Is it possible to collect the email address information?  Is it stored somewhere in the controller or do I need some extern...

HelloI have a Controller 5508, CAP 3501EI have a problem, all client who connect in 802.11n connect only in Bn and not in Gn.When I diseable the n, the same client connect in 802.11g.Could you help me that the client can connect in GnThank youchristo...

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