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Hi All,     What is the ways to make user authenticate to WLC 2504 and what is the best and simple way and what is the differences btw each method _i mean for example need radius server or something else to be exist_ ?     and any one can give me cas...

I have a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller 5508, which uses  I have the VeriSign certificate but I received two intermediate files (primary and secondary), and my question is, which one do I use?I have referred to this document from Cisco alre...

msingh2007 by Level 1
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Hello All,I have setup a guest wireless SSID on my 2504 WLC. I am trying to determine the best possible way to administer the Guest Wireless usernames and passwords. Is this possible ?Does anyone know if its possible to run a script or command that c...

Alex Li by Level 1
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Resolved! 3602i/e TxPower

I'm wondering why the "allowed power levels" are different from one 3602i to another 3602i:(WiSM-slot8-1) >grep include ap-wbh-181-5 "show advanced 802.11b Press yes to continue(y)yap-wbh-181-5                     *1         *7/7 ( 4 dBm) [22/19/16/1...

Hello All,Currently I am using WLC 2504 with Software version I am having some issues with Windows 8 clients they can't connect and I read on couple of review that wlc needs upgrade software. I checked and latest versin is 7.4 could you pl...

I have this AP and it has a problem.  If I plug in only the power injector with nothing plugged into the network side of the injector, nothing happens.  If I plug an ethernet cable from at Linksys POE switch to the network side nothing happens.  If I...

Hi All,I'm in the middle of a design and setup using MESH configuration for some AP.I would like to hear your opinion on the choice of AP in relation to the following:The Air-CAP2602e uses combined 2.4 and 5 GHz antenna connection on the same socket ...

Hi,I have been browsing internet and although I was able to find a lot of datasheets & specifics, I was not able to find all I was looking for.Does anyone know the range (either in feet or meters) of the AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9?(I will be assuming that any...

We had a 4404 named ugs_wifi_01.<domain> with a 3rd party SSL certificate for the web auth.Now we have bought two 5508 and sold the old 4404. The new controllers are named uv-wifi-01.<domain> and uv-wifi-02.<domain> (the same domain as the old 4404)....

s.hellman by Level 1
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