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Hi,we had configured the controller 2504 and APAP joini the controller as expected, but somehow user when move from one accesspoint to other they are facing issue like getting weaker signal, not getting the signal from nearer AP.do let us know how to...

Hi,I have a building with three floors. What's happeing is that the there are four APs on one floor, 6 APs on the second and 4 APs on the last floor.We all have iPhone issued by the company and what happens is that the iPhone which is not more than 8...

We are using a third party certification authority (Entrust) and the certificates generated by the CA are SHA256 certificates.  I see ACS does not currently support support the SHA 256 certs, but TAC says software versions 7.3x and above on the WLC d...

p.dave by Level 1
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What are folks thoughts regarding increasing the beacon interval as well as the dtim interval on a very large byod data ssid? I know the dtim increases for voice but I'm interested in upping those settings on regular data ssid.Sent from Cisco Technic...

Trent Hurt by Level 1
  • 24 replies
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I have a question about external antennas on an access point. I have to plan a wireles solution, that also includes coverage in the industrial freezers. The freezers are one part of the sotck rooms, so the general coverage will be done with 1602I acc...

Hu371 by Level 1
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Hi!I have some problems with custom web authentication on cisco air ct5760.We create an ssid for guest users with a custom page that works fine, but suddenly it fails and when we open a browser the web login page doesn't show and the next error appea...

Resolved! guest wlan

Almost there.Scenario:2504 wlcAps 1140Port 1 lan radius all okPort 2 defined for guest wlan directed attach no isp router dhcp1 utp cable on router acquire ip addressOn guest wlan no ip address is given i think i tried every combinationsAny help?Sent...

Hello,I'm facing a weird issue, I've one SSID for which all authentications are 100% correct, but now I need to use a new vlan with the same configuration, I did it, but the web page doesn't be displayed but when I entred the virtual interface I have...

salilai01 by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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