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Is it possible to limit what users are able to do and view in the webconsole of a WLC 5508 via ACS. I have ACS setup to restrict what commands can be run depending on user on the CLI however when they log into the webconsole they can access everythin...

da.newman by Level 1
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Customer has a WLC 4402 and 21 AP's LAP1131AG, there is a PDA wlan created to give PDA's and wireless Phones access to the webmail. This is done by access lists and firewalls. Now the customer wants more access to the internet in this PDA wlan, maybe...

pbogaerts by Level 1
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Good day!We've got cisco 881w with wireless ap801 and after updating ios on ap801 interface DotRadio has dissapeared.Boot image ap801-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JYIs there any opportunity to fix it?

Hi guys!I'm trying to become famillar with Cisco Mesh AP's deployment. As I know RAP's (Roof-top AP's are AP's with Ethernet/Fiber connection to the network). I connected these AP's via L2 switch , they can reach WLC and everything looks fine.No I wa...

EvaldasOu by Level 4
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Curious to know if anyone has experienced an issue where the give an ap a name then find out later that the name is gone and the configure is lost. It's an AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9 running 12.4(23c)JA3I'm first thought is hardware issue.Regards,IzzySent fro...

I am looking at outdoor access points, I want to stick with Cisco aironet, we currently have 6 of them that are 6 years old and running great, one has had a problem because of humidity, dried it out and relocated and we are good again.I was looking a...

rustyk123 by Level 1
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Hello,what would you suggest, are the best settings in the "Client Roaming Section" of the WLC Configuration for the following requirements:VoIP over WLAN deployment, 802.11a, WLC 4402, 25 - 30 access points (mainly 1252, a few 1130), 7925G phones.In...

I am going to be installing around 120 3502i AP's in a couple weeks and wonder if anyone has come up with a solution for hanging them from wire trays.  The office we are installing them in has decided to go with an "industrial" look and the only plac...

The Spectrum Expert is a great tool but the problem is to find a notebook with a PC-Card / PCMCIA  slot.I know that there are adapters available for EC to PC-Card but I think this is not a solution for customers.I didn't find any information on the C...

Hi everyone,I believe I know the answer to this question already but I just wanted to make sure.  Is it possible to connect a LAP access point driectly to WCS without using a WLC?  WCS is just for management and reporting and does not act as a WLC.  ...

sryerse by Level 1
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