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Cisco wireless vulnerability

Hey all,I was just browsing around a bit and i stumbled onto this little exploit in the lightweight access-points.If you have a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) the LW-AP's will broadcast unencrypted information about the WLC. This enables the hacker to...

Configuration Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1010-E-K9

Hey, I need a little help or maybe just a hint what I make wrong.I've got a used Cisco Aironet AP (1000series) and try to configure them.I connect it with my Network and it got an IP, so I assume that DCHP is on and working, also I can ping the IP.Bu...

WLC Upgrade Procedure

Hi , Can some one please share the IOS Upgrade procedure for the Cisco Catalyst 9800-L which is in HA mode(WLC is in Install mode).It will be great if you can help with the roll back plan as well.

Robo123 by Beginner
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Resolved! 9800 WLan restrictions

Currently planning a move from the WLC5508s to 9800-40 platform. On the 5508s, a strong recommendation for only 4 WLans is seen, yet these 5508s currently support 9 WLans. Also been trying to get them to consolidate WLans for a long time.  Is the sam...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Password Problem with RV340W

I just got a Cisco RV340W Umbrella.  In trying to set it up the directions say that both the username and password are cisco.When I go to the address listed ( and enter the given passwords I get an error stating that they are incorrect.  ...

Resolved! Local Radius as Backup in Flexconnect 9800-CL

Hi all, I have a hard time understanding and configuring the following: - we have a 9800-CL WLC in the headquarter where we also have a central Radius Server- SSID is configured for Flexconnect and working with Central Auth and Local Switching in the...

Nydo89 by Beginner
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AP 2802I reboot loop

Hi all, We have a bunch of brand new 2802i APs that, once plugged in to the network for first time, keep rebooting in a loop.  The APs seems to ask for DHCP but never accept the offer. Also we can't access AP console due to high rate of console outpu...

SupportAC by Beginner
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Resolved! 2.4GHz Disable Low Data Rates

Hi, i go through wlc menu best practice and see option for disable data rates. From there notes The 2.4Ghz Data Rates of 1, 2, 5.5 Mbps should be disabled and 11 Mbps set to not mandatory for better performance. Default 2.4ghz data rates:1 mandatory2...

mykhuzaimi by Beginner
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Resolved! Unable to access WLC 9800-L Web UI

I don't know why I am having such a hard time with this. I am familiar with the 2504/3504, but new to 9800-LI am running version 16.2Two questions:1. Are these the write command to Factory Default the 9800-L?WLC#write erase WLC#reloadThe reason I ask...

How to update wave 2 wgb

Hi Community, my question is so simple, but I cannot find an answer in the web. How can I update a wave 2 ap (3800) running in wbg mode? It is running a lightweight image but since it is NOT connected via capwap to any wlc, I have no idea how to do t...

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