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Resolved! AP in HREAP mode seems to be frozen!

Hello.We are experiencing issue with some of our AP in HREAP mode. In fact, some users are not able to have a valid IP assigned when they are connected to the Wlan. the only solution I have to help them is to reboot the AP.It seems we have the proble...

Resolved! Cant create WLAN Interface

I m using WLAN 4400 with4.1.185.0 code. I tried to create on more interface, it says "cant creat the port".However, it creates the port but does not take DHCP IP. It is also broadcasting that SSID. Any solution ?Many Thanks

adilhayat by Beginner
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Resolved! Can you utilize HREAP for 1310 AP

I can't find an HREAP supported AP list. I am specifically looking for whether or not the 1310 in LWAPP mode can be configured for HREAP? I would also like to know where to find a list of AP's that are supported in HREAP mode.thanks

WLC controller

Hi,We received this question from our Facebook community.http://www.facebook.com/CiscoSupportCommunityEslam MohamedIf  i have 4 WLC controller in the network , and want the AP register with  wlc number 1 and secoundry one be wlc number two...i mean i...

WLC and mobility anchor- dhcp

Hi,The setup I have an issue with is one where a suboffice has a WLC. The head office has another WLC as the anchor for mobility groups. We are using a main corportate SSID with certificate authentication although the mobility group is for the guest ...

Temperature - 1400 Bridge

We are having some servere temps in Upsate NY this week.  Temps ranging from -10 to -18. This morning my 1400 wireless bridge is reporting the rdaio has been disable due to a temp alarm. Does anyone know if the radio get re-enabled after the temp res...

AP541N transmit power settings

I was wondering if anyone would happen to know what thelow, medium, high power settings are on the AP541N in either dBm or mW?The data sheet indicates what the maximum/full power settings for 2.4 GHz are:802.11b 15 dBm802.11g 15dBm802.11n/20 MHz 12 d...

tsawchuk by Beginner
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Web authentication bundle

Hi folksI downloaded an authentication bundle from Cisco website, It is a .tar file. I need to edit the .tar file by doing the following:Remove Cisco Logo and put a new logo inside it.Edit the login page to fit with the deploymentImport the .tar file...

Elie Sbat by Beginner
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Resolved! Wireless client issue

I am having trouble with a wlan at one of our locations.  This problem occurs randomly with most of the users there but in the example below I have included the most troubled.  The clients experience awful wireless performance and response times for ...

LEN SNEED by Beginner
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Survey for everyone : what documents do you think are missing on Cisco.com for wireless ?

Hi everyone,As Cisco TAC engineer, I thought this medium is a good way to gather good opinions. So please leave a message saying what document you think is missing from cisco.com about Wireless products. Config examples, white papers, troubleshooting...

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