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861-W configuration question...

Why does the 861W support 10 SSIDs, but only 2 VLANs, one of which is the management VLAN? I would like to configure this device to allow a public non-secure SSID which would use a broadband internet connection. I would like to have a private secured...

buporter by Beginner
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Enabling Antenna Gain On 1242 AP's

If we are using 1242 access points with external antennas there is an option to configure the antenna gain in the WLC.If we are using 2 * 5135 Antennas how we will configure the antenna gain. Antenna Gain is a factor of *0.5 dBi.

sreejith_r by Beginner
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Disallow corporate machines on guest network

Hello,I have an issue where students are trying to connect to the guest network with the schools student laptops, when they should not be.  What happens is, Windows XP will then put the GUEST SSID on the top of the list, and after a reboot the laptop...

Top Wireless Client Bandwidth Utilization on WCS?

Hi, there.Can I get the top wireless client bandwidth utilization info / report from WCS? I would like to know how high they can reach, and how many are those 'power users', so far I only find "Busiest Clients" but not quite certain sure about the me...

a12288 by Participant
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Wireless AP Increase Coverage or Strength

We presently have WLAN Controller with Cisco 1131 APs using only b and g.  I am trying to increase the area of  strengh in the areas that it covers.  Do you have any suggestions on how to increase the strength of the signal for users that are already...

mdargin by Beginner
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Authentication - PSK WEP vs 802.1x?

HelloI read that in the process of WEP authentication 1) The client SENDS an authentication REQUEST. 2) AP sends and authentication RESPONSE.Then I read in a seccion of 802.1x authentication that. 1) The client RECEIVES an authentication REQUEST. 2) ...

CISCO AIR-LAP1252AG-A-K9 Autonomous DHCP config?

N00b questions:Can the 1252AG provide server DHCP in the Autonomous IOS configuration ? ( The WAP is connected to a Linksys router that is providing a NAT address via DHCP to the ethernet interface) What is the most basic DHCP configuration option ?I...

nickml007 by Beginner
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Issues with Guest wireless

Hello ,We have a WLC4402 running code and 1142N AP's . We have Private and Guest WLAN's configured on the controller . We had been having wierd issues with Guest WLAN . It looks like when a client machine(Mac or Windows) tries to connect to...

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