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GuysI am configuring WCS version with a base license of 100 AP. Also, I have a mobility Service Engine MSE which I need to import to WCS.I am not able to find the mobility tab to enter the management ip address of the MSE and synchronize th...

Elie Sbat by Level 1
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I wish to find out the possibility of using the               AIR-ANT2506 2.4Ghz bridge antenna on the AIR-LAP1242-E/AK9               AG Access Point in AP mode and the possibility of clients               such as mobile laptops associating with thi...

Dear friendswe are having 2 aironet 1240 but i am very surprised with the range in these devices .it very back. am i doint any mistake. i configured it for batter range. but still within 20 mins i get signal strenght "good" only. and right now the de...

Hello,We have an issue where people on our guest wifi network are not allowed to access websites with non standard ports.eg.  http://www.mycompany.com:81/They just get a 404 error in there browser.Is there a place on the WLC that you can allow certai...

Hello,I would need to generate a new shared key for a Guest-Wi-Fi and send it to defined e-mail addresses every week.Does anybody know, is it possible to script it on a WLC?Gorazd

gorazd863 by Level 1
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Hello,I am expieriencing a weird behavior in the WLAN for guest users.I can create tipical guest users and it redirects me to the sign in web page (there is no web auth server, it's done by the WLC itself) and it works normally. But I am having sever...

We have a couple dozen AP1131AG access points on campus, each running c1130-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JA1.  For several years now, we have had an intermittent issue where, after a restart due to power outage or what have you, the AP comes back up, but it has ...

acadia by Level 1
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Hello Friends,While i am trying to integrate ACS ( with the AD server (, i am getting error.Following is the capture i got, The error says, says “bindResponse(1) invalidCredentials (80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C0903A9, comment:...

Dear fellows,I have installed 4 unit Cisco Aironet 1250 acting as Autonomous AP each.I want to integrate these AP to Windows Active Directory for authentication level.When I read configuration guide on Cisco Aironet, they must be authenticated via RA...

I have a Wireless LAN Controller 4402 and WCS 7.0, and I have a few MAC addresses that are "disabled" due to policy violations. How can I view a log or a report that will show me if these MAC addresses are still attempting to connect?

mstrz by Level 1
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