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Hi,I was using 1100 AP in which it has some IOS problem so on my boss request, i tried to change/upgrade the flash: c1100 file.So, i deleted the flash file and at a sudden it completely went off red, green, red light order its glowing at status. It h...

If I use machine and user certificates does that mean the machine get's an IP address, authenticates, the user then logs on which causes another DHCP renew and user authentication?  Is it better to use machine and user or just machine?

Is there a way to set up web passthrough as HTTP, instead of HTTPS? We wish to set up a hotspot where the only data shown to our users is the Terms of Service.  Our users wouldn't provide any info, only hit the "Accept" button.  None of this informat...

Looking at the Radio status tab on a Aironet 1200 ap running latest firmware and it shows the  software status as disabled and the hardware status as down, but I have  the radio enabled.  Any ideas?Thanks,Pedro

Pete89 by Level 2
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Hi Problem: When trying to connect to the network using AP it takes about 10 - 15 secs to get reply. But if connected through ethernet its as normal.Scenario: 2 WLC ----> Cisco Switches  (3550/3750) ----- > Cisco AP ----> Scanners/Guest Vlans. Authen...

vinovinom by Level 1
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I got PEAP to work using the windows zero config but I cannot get PEAP to work when usin CSSC on the same laptop.When using CSSC I get asked for the password and authentication fails.  ACS is reporting PEAP authentication failed due to unknown CA cer...

I have a 1131 AP and it wont respond when I tell it to via the controller to go back to its factory default settings. Does anyone here know if there is another way to whipe the AP?

Dear,The vlans created for the mapping of SSID in embedded AP on cisco 1941 can be connected/communicated to the VLAN created on Layer2/3 switch.Lets say i have created 3 vlans (say 200,201,202) for 3 ssid and the vlan created on switch (say 200,201,...

techguy by Level 4
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