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WISM Upgrade Failure

We have tried to upgrade two Wism from version to the first Controller the FTP transfer of the new SW was successful, but at thesecond Controller the FTP transfer didn't start.Following error message appears: “At least one A...

Public Secure Packet Forwarding (PSPF)

I want to enable PSPF in my wlan to prevent communication between wifi clients. You can do that on the access point, but it only has effect on the clients connected to this AP. So if you have a big wifi network, the clients connected to different AP'...

jmprats by Enthusiast
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Load Balancing Questions

I have a couple of questions. First, if I have aggressive load balancing enabled on the WLC(4400) and the client window set to 0, does that mean it will automatically load balance or does that mean it won't load balance at all regardless whether or ...

iancarder by Beginner
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WCS heatmaps

I am currently running WCS version, and i am having problem with map. The map it self is ok but when i add AP heatmap it all gets unclear. Anyone who have an solution ?

Resolved! Hide SSID Broadcast

hello;We configured 1300AP series as root-nonroot bridge mode.We want to hide SSID on APs, but we couldnt find the correct command on AP console.How can we do ?Thanks.

Outdoor wireless

Hi, We are planning to implement an outdoor wireless mesh network with 1510 LAP, WLC and WCS. There is also going to be an indoor wireless solution with 1200 AP or 1140 AP. We cannot afford to have the indoor AP wired to the network, because of the b...

p.holley by Beginner
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Updating Existing Profiles

Greetings, Other than using the Cisco Aironet Desktop Utility (ADU), are there any other ways to update an asset's wireless profile (i.e. registry modification, file replacement, command line, etc.)?We are going from LEAP to PEAP and are seeking othe...

Disable ARP?

The Vocera best practices guide says to disable arp on the WLC. What? I'm not sure why I would want to do that in the first place, and second, how?Regards,Scott

Cisco Aeronet 1131AG with controler

Hi guys. iam new to the aeronet 1131ag AP. it had an association with a controller wich is not there at all.My problem is, how do i reset the configs to default.the other thing is that i cannot configure it, its indicating an error messege ERROR!!!...

WCS reporting issue

When reporting on Rogues in WCS ( all versions ) using Reports > Rogue AP's , the report never lists any other types of AP other than ' malicious ' , even though ' friendly ' AP's exist Any one else had this issue ?

rwilletts by Beginner
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WLC vs Airwave AWMS versions

We are evaluating Airwave AWMS. One question is for the compatible version with WLC. Because Cisco always suggest WCS to be equal or higher version than WLC. Then how does this apply to AWMS? For folks using AWMS to manage WLCs, how do you choose AWM...

zhenningx by Enthusiast
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