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Have came accross a pretty odd scenario - a LAP has joined WLC1 on location 1 with no problem - client needs to change this LAP over to location 2 where it should join WLC2 - location 2 has more LAPs that have already been associated with WLC2 with n...

KRIS GJ by Level 1
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HiAs the topic says, im wondering if its possible to setup 3 aironet accespoints (ap0, ap1 and ap2) in an extension?Setup was inteded to be like following, ap0 (backbone) has connection to the network with 2.4 ghz AP disabled, ap1 working as an AP re...

I am trying to make a simple configuration change on an AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 wireless access point.  When I try to save the change using the "copy run start" or "write mem" command I get the following error message after the unit trys to build the confi...

bibach by Level 1
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Hey Experti m going to conduct  WIPT survey  roaming is required  kinldy help me how to enable roaming   what data rates  should i use while conductingmy survey

I was hoping that someone else has run into this issue.  I recently upgraded a WiSM controller for a customer from 5.1.163 to 6.0.196. Before the upgrade they did not report any issues with their clients, the majority of their clients are Apple lapto...

Todd S by Level 1
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    Hi guys,      I wanna change the Windows WCS 6.x IP Address but I didn't find any documentation about this process.      Is there any documentation avaliable or should I consider just change the IP Address and restart the Windows Server ??      T...

lomonaco by Level 1
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There are a couple other threads in here that discuss whether or not Cisco's 3G HWIC's can somehow be aggregated (through IOS or not) in order to essentially get an Nx3G amount of bandwidth over a carrier's network.Cisco says the only option is to us... Everything works great with a Lenovo T61 laptop running EAP-FAST using the IBM Access Connections client. However a new out of box 7925G SCCP 1.3(3) phone shows "connection failed" onscreen to WLC and ACS 5.1 Here is what the RADI...

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