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HelloMy users complaint the down load speed is slow when using wireless.  I checked and indeed is slow.Before this happen, my WLC is running 802.11b/g.  So my thought maybe the 802.11b can slow downon the users so I changed WLAN to run on 802.11g onl...

ttran by Level 1
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Hi AllWe have just setup a wireless network with an ACS running EAP-TLS with Microsoft AD.ACS is version Remote Agent is running on Win Server 2003 Enterprise R2 (32 bit).Initially we saw failures in the ACS logs stating 'External DB is ...

Curious how this needs to be configured.Everytime we hook up 2 Cisco WET200 Wireless Bridges in ADHOC MODE with Spanning tree enabled its creating a network loop on our Cisco Switched Network and the switch is shutting the port down.IS there somethin...

laphil by Level 1
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hello,I have a problem with client association on the Guest WLAN : When the AP has been restart client association doesn't work. If i change any Guest WLAN parameters it's ok !- This trouble hapens only if the AP mode is Hreap (With local mode, no pr...

I have auto-qos in my catalyst and I want to enable QoS in my WLCs.I noticed that auto-qos use DSCP and WLC QoS use IP precedence in some WLANs (platinum profile for my 7921 and nokia phones).Can you tell if it's ok to have DSCP (with auto-qos) on sw...

l.buschi by Level 2
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hey Experti have WIPT survey next week i  have to take care of mobility but i m new in wireless so dunt know how to configure mobility in APi carry  3560 switch  2821 VOice enable router   cisco softphone and  7920 .can i conffigure mobility  having ...

Does anybody have the pin-out for the DB9 conenctors that are shipped with the Cisco 1113 ACS appliances?  I am trying to conect and configure one and cannot find the original packaging which is referenced to have the DB9 connectors. I've tried some ...

luceroc by Level 4
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Hey Expertsi need your help  i have to  configure channel setting  on my Access  Point 1252 AG and 1242 AG   .i need  to know how to enbale roamin services because i have to conduct  WIPT survey next week https://supportforums.cisco.com/post!input.js...

Resolved! WLC 4400 - 5500

In the Wireless LAN Controller 4400 series the configuration was not automatically synchronized between the same group of mobility of controllers, the configuration was done manually in each WLC, In the 5500 WLC is the same or the configuration is sy...

Hi Guys,Good day! I will be installing a 2x Wireless AP (1242-AG) in 60m square room, I will install it in both ends of the room. My question is what are the guidelines that I will be considering in situation like this, e.g. channels to be used, % ov...

guys i am really new to wireless and need some basic setup help.....we have a office and we have recently purchased 4400 WLC and 1242AGlight weight access points.... now for AP to install (as our office is really big) what is the formula to calculate...

comsats by Level 1
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Hello everyone,My wireless WLAN AP is randomly dropping clients, or so I believe. Every 2 or 3 days a client is still connected to the network but unable to communicate with any other devices. A simple connection repair fixes the problem. The clients...

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