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1231 AP + Nortel 2210

Hello!I've got problem with connecting Nortel 2210 Handset to Cisco Aironet 1231 AP.I have configured handset with static ip address, subnet mask and default gateway. In AP logs i see this:Jan 4 15:09:06.730: %DOT11-6-ASSOC: Interface Dot11Radio0,Sta...


I need to change the name on about 200 recently installed access points. I have an Excel file with the MAC addresses and new naming convention. Is there a way to import this file into the WCS or WLC to make this task easier?ThanksMike

Basic Question on DSSS

I have searched this forum, and am currently refering to 3 books on WiFi, but still cant find the answer to this very basic question :-How does DSSS "spread the signal" when sending data over the air ?I am not talking about the barker code...I unders...

Re-deploy LAP

HiI am kind of new to LAP. We have WLC and LAPs are already setup for wireless Network. But we have to move one LAP to different location and VLAN. Can someone please let me know before I move LAP, what I need to do first?Thanks in Advance.Sai

WLC Templetes and Nortel VPN

Hello,I have several controllers at remote sites that I cannot push WLAN templates to. I am running Contivity routers. Whenever I attempt to send the template it fails but does not give me a reason. Does anyone the ports the WLC using to send temp...

abrdn4100 by Beginner
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WLC 4404 WLAN - Profile - SSID

Hi we recently got a 4404 controller and 90 or so 1130 ap's. The corporation i work for use 1 SSID for employees and 1 for guests. With autonomous ap's you could span the employee SSID across multiple VLAN's and multiple buildings. When i try with th...

scatman by Beginner
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DHCP w/ Wireless not functioning.

Hi, I have a Cisco 877W w/ IOS 12.4-15.T7 that does not provide dhcp addresses to wireless clients. The Wired ethernet clients can receive addresses but not the wireless. I have the exact same router, config and O.S. with 4 other client's routers but...

Resolved! Wireless Guest CA Certificate problems

Hi Guys,I have a problem with the Guest CA certificates. I'm running code. Wwhen I try to upload a certificate from Comodo (and reboot the controller) I still get the 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate' message in...

lburke by Beginner
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Local Radius AND IAS

I have my AP's working with IAS - AD auth for users. We just purchased WLSE. WLSE needs WDS to be set up using LEEP. Can I have the local AP set up as WDS with Local Radius for the AP's only. Users would still login via the IAS - AD server? Woul...

Resolved! local web authentication fails

hello experts!!!i'm having trouble making clients authenticate locally on a 2106 controller with ios v. i need a radius server to be able to do local auth.also the auth login page does not appear automatically when i open a browser and ty...

Resolved! HREAP vs AP local mode

Hello,Could someone explain the advantages or differences in using HREAP (when the traffic is centrally switched), to just using the APs in local mode with a centralized WLC?Scenario- 1 HQ and several branch offices. All resources are at the HQ inclu...

jcetkoooo by Beginner
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