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N00b questions:Can the 1252AG provide server DHCP in the Autonomous IOS configuration ? ( The WAP is connected to a Linksys router that is providing a NAT address via DHCP to the ethernet interface) What is the most basic DHCP configuration option ?I...

nickml007 by Level 1
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Hello ,We have a WLC4402 running code and 1142N AP's . We have Private and Guest WLAN's configured on the controller . We had been having wierd issues with Guest WLAN . It looks like when a client machine(Mac or Windows) tries to connect to...

Hello, I have a wireless network set up with guest users being web authenticated and it all works nicely.  However the configured DHCP pool on the WLC (which is on the small side) tends to get eaten up with unauthenticated users who attach to the gue...

rkoudmani by Level 1
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Dear all,I know it is possible to convert some AP models to operate as lightweight APs  - and this information is available at:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/access_point/conversion/lwapp/upgrade/guide/lwapnote.html- but the problem is that...

ksharp_ku by Level 1
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hiI would like to cross check following pix config:global (outside) 1> this is mean that when all traffic from dmz, inside to outside is conveted to ip ? right?nat (inside) 1> I don't know what mean is......

syjeon by Level 1
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Hi all,We recently deployed a new WLAN (1242G APs and a 4402 controller) after performing a site survey in a somewhat challenging environment (a large theatre venue with surrounding offices on several different floors).  The site survey and AP placem...

jamie_5th by Level 1
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Is there any official documentation from Cisco that supports the below statement? Customer is looking for this information."There's no hard number that the AP can support.  Cisco recommends no more than 25 clients per AP, but the AP will associate as...

colmgrier by Level 1
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Hi All,in a WCS ver 6.0.170 i have positioned an H-REAP AP un a floor area and i corrctly see the Heatmap  but if i choose to view in the AP Filter the "Assoc. Client," the clients count was  zero even if there are 1 or more client associate.I have t...

nqklew by Level 1
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